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Gunsmoke Whelan's Men (TV-PG) Kitty challenges the leader of an outlaw gang to a poker game with Dillon's life at stake while Marshal Dillon is away from Dodge City.
Bonanza Return Engagement (TV-G) The lovely Lotta Crabtree returns to Virginia City after 11 years, but when her leading man is killed during a performance, Hoss is suddenly the prime suspect.
The Rifleman The Sixteenth Cousin (TV-G) While in North Fork, a Japanese nobleman and his servant go around town but things turn sour when the nobleman seeks revenge after his servant is insulted.
The Rifleman Hostages to Fortune (TV-G) It is during Halloween that bandits take advantage and use the holiday festivity disguises to hide their identities while they raid a cattle ranch.
Gunsmoke Kimbro (TV-PG) When Matt learns that his former mentor is now a drunkard, he tries to intervene by offering the ex-lawman a job as a temporary deputy in Dodge City.
Bonanza The Gold Mine (TV-G) After years of abuse from his father and now from the outlaws using him as slave labor on his own claim, a young Mexican boy hides a rich vein he finds.
The Rifleman And the Devil Makes Five (TV-G) As Lucas lies unsuspecting in his bed, a snake slithers into his bed and it is up to Mark to lure the snake away before it strikes and causes damage.
The Rifleman End of the Hunt (TV-G) When Lucas sees an old enemy, he changes into vengeful man that must be put in jail in order to prevent him from murdering this enemy from his past.
Gunsmoke Jesse (TV-PG) After Festus learns that an old friend is a wanted man, he struggles with the decision to turn his friend in to the proper authorities.
Bonanza Decision at Los Robles (TV-G) In Los Robles, Mexico Ben is wounded by domineering town boss, John Walker, killing him in self-defense and becoming a target for the man's vengeful son.
The Rifleman The Bullet (TV-G) A gambler attempted murder, but the marshal of a neighboring town refuses to keep him in jail and that makes Lucas uneasy and question why.
The Rifleman Requiem at Mission Springs (TV-G) While Mark is out on an adventure of sorts, he has a devastating fall and is left paralyzed, which causes Lucas to search frantically for a cure.
Gunsmoke Talbot (TV-PG) After an outlaw is forced to kill a man in self-defense, he falls in love with the dead man's grieving widow, who wants him to give up his life of crime.
Bonanza Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing (TV-G) Decked out as the Easter Rabbit due to a persuasive woman at the orphanage, with only eggs for ammo, Hoss happens on Brooklyn bad guys out to rob Wells Fargo.
The Rifleman The Guest (TV-G) Mario Rosati is new to North Fork and has befriends Lucas, but that is just a ploy because he was hired to come to town and kill Lucas.
The Rifleman Old Man, Running (TV-G) Once his wife died, Lucas forever put the blame on his father-in-law and that is why he refuses to help the old man escape from a gang of gunmen.
Gunsmoke This Golden Land (TV-PG) When a Russian Jewish family moves to Kansas to start a new life as farmers, they are ridiculed by the cowboys and farmers who are their neighbors.
Bonanza The Horse Traders (TV-G) Virgil Potts and his outlaw buddies open a livery stable when the Calhouns insist they get honest jobs, just as Hoss and Joe arrive in town with horses to sell.
Rawhide The Devil and the Deep Blue (TV-G) Favor wants to fatten up the heard for the upcoming week and another herd is suppose to come in three to five days, but his handlers are too old.
The Brady Bunch The Brady Braves (TV-G) Mike Brady meets a young Native-Americans grandfather, who is very traditional and is discouraging of the young mans career aspirations.
The Brady Bunch The Wheeler-Dealer (TV-G) Greg finally gets his drivers license and he buys his first set of wheels, a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, but the car turns out to be a lemon.
Gilligan's Island Where There's a Will (TV-G) An ailing Mr. Howell decides to leave his fortune to the castaways, but a luau held in his honor has him suspecting the others want to collect the money sooner.
Gilligan's Island Man with a Net (TV-G) The castaways hope to be saved by a British butterfly collector who comes to the island in pursuit of a rare species, but he refuses to leave without his catch.
Gilligan's Island Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (TV-G) After Gilligan's hair turns white overnight, Mrs. Howell is all too eager to apply her signature hair dye that inevitably produces less-than-stellar results.
Gilligan's Island Ring Around Gilligan (TV-G) An evil scientist returns to the island and gifts everyone with unusual rings that enable him to manipulate their minds for the second time around.
Gunsmoke Women for Sale, Part 1 (TV-PG) An outlaw gang of dissident Native Americans captures females in Kansas, so they can sell the captured women into slave labor and prostitution.
Bonanza What Are Pardners For? (TV-G) Easterners Luke and Calvin, whose fantasies are full of outlaw exploits thanks to dime novels, bust Hoss out of jail when he is arrested for their crime.
The Rifleman The Sharpshooter (TV-G) A gifted marksman and his son arrive in North Fork, N.M. to start a new life, and come across a ranch they really like, which is for sale.
The Rifleman Home Ranch (TV-G) Two hired hands of a wealthy cattleman demand that Lucas move out and when he refuses, he is beaten and dragged while the ranch house gets burned down.
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Gunsmoke Women for Sale, Part 2 (TV-PG) After Matt helps two of the captured women escape, they offer to help him rescue the remaining captives before the group can cross the border.
Bonanza A Matter of Circumstance (TV-G) A severe thunderstorm spooks the horses, trampling Joe and breaking his left arm and leg, a nasty situation worsened because he's alone with possible gangrene.
The Rifleman End of a Young Gun (TV-G) Lucas is forced to take in Will Fulton, a young bank robber, who was injured while saving Mark's life; Fulton decides he wants to change.
The Rifleman The Marshal (TV-G) Lucas hires a once famous lawman-turned-drunkard named Micah Torrance, who is nursing an arm injured in a gunfight, to help out at the ranch.
Gunsmoke Matt's Love Story (TV-PG) While suffering from amnesia, Matt falls in love with the widow who treated the wounds that he received during a shootout with a fugitive.
Bonanza The Night Virginia City Died (TV-G) With Virginia City being destroyed by flame, the town is desperate to find the arsonist, but none suspect the pretty newcomer of being a disturbed firebug.
The Rifleman The Brother-In-Law (TV-G) Lucas is conflicted when his late wife's brother, Johnny, shows up in town looking for sanctuary after having robbed an Express Office.
The Rifleman Eight Hours to Die (TV-G) Judge Burton seeks revenge against the man who caught his son committing a crime, the judge who sentenced his son and the hangman who hung him.
Gunsmoke The Boy and the Sinner (TV-PG) A drunkard risks damaging both his self-respect and his friendship with a boy is he decides to follow through with his promise to help two hired gunmen.
Bonanza A Matter of Faith (TV-G) With a drought crippling the territory, desperate farmers and ranchers enlist the aid of a 13-year-old rainmaker, but things turn ugly and Ben steps in.
The Rifleman Duel of Honor (TV-G) Town bully Groder mocks an Italian Count because of his clothes in North Fork, leading the Count to challenge Groder to a duel with Lucas as his second.
The Rifleman The Safe Guard (TV-G) A reformed outlaw arrives in North Fork to start a new life as a bank security guard but problems arise when three men wanting to rob the bank are old friends.
Gunsmoke The Widow Maker (TV-PG) An honest gunfighter wants to retire after marrying and having a child, but he is unwillingly forced to defend himself in a series of gunfights.
Bonanza The Weary Willies (TV-G) Ben and Joe discover a group of nomadic Civil War veterans camping on the Ponderosa and lend their support to the bunch in spite of the town's objections.
The Rifleman The Sister (TV-G) When Rebecca Snipe returns, Mark decides to play matchmaker to bring his father and her together, but the Snipe brothers think Lucas is behind that plan.
The Rifleman New Orleans Menace (TV-G) A wealthy Frenchman wants to buy the McCain ranch but Lucas will not sell it, so he plays on the Frenchman's workers' longing for freedom to keep his ranch.
Gunsmoke Kitty's Love Affair (TV-PG) After Matt is forced to cancel his trip with Kitty to St. Louis, Kitty decides to leave him behind in order to have some fun by herself.
Bonanza The Wagon (TV-G) An ambitious sheriff substitutes an injured Hoss when a murder suspect escapes a prison wagon, but a fellow captive helps him get away and survive the desert.
Rawhide Abilene (TV-G) The herd finally arrives in Abilene at the end of a very long and hard drive; the dovers plan to spend their entire pay painting the town.
The Brady Bunch Juliet Is the Sun (TV-G) Marcia lands the leading role in the schools production of "Romeo and Juliet", despite auditioning for a smaller role; she thinks her mother had influence.
The Brady Bunch And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (TV-G) Carol and the kids meet a television commercial director at the grocery store and he wants them all to appear in his new commercial for laundry detergent.
Gilligan's Island The Kidnapper (TV-G) A gambling thief takes refuge on the island and holds all the women as hostages for ransom, but the castaways forego retaliation for a rehabilitation attempt.
Gilligan's Island And Then There Were None (TV-G) The castaways begin to mysteriously vanish, leaving a confused Gilligan alone to speculate that he may have suddenly developed an evil split personality.
Gilligan's Island All About Eva (TV-G) The castaways host a plain-faced female visitor and take to giving her a beauty makeover that results in her having an extreme resemblance to Ginger.
Gilligan's Island Gilligan Goes Gung Ho (TV-G) Gilligan is named island law enforcer by his fellow castaways and takes his duties way too seriously by placing all of them behind bars for ludicrous reasons.
Gunsmoke The Widow and the Rogue (TV-PG) After an amiable thief is captured by Festus, the miscreant searches for a way to escape before he and Festus can reach the jail in Dodge City.
Bonanza The Power of Life and Death (TV-G) Splitting off from the posse, Ben and Joe track a man who shot an army colonel into the desert, where they capture him, but an Indian attack threatens survival.
The Rifleman The Young Englishman (TV-G) Lucas finds himself in more trouble than he expects when he makes accusations that the foreman of a neighboring ranch rustled some of his cattle.
The Rifleman The Gaucho (TV-G) The Argentez family buys Rumson's old property and moves into North Fork, but suspicions arise when Nita Argentez's latest suitor is found murdered.
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