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The Brady Bunch And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (TV-G) Carol and the kids meet a television commercial director at the grocery store and he wants them all to appear in his new commercial for laundry detergent.
The Brady Bunch The Private Ear (TV-G) Marcia is upset with Jan after she tells somebody a secret Marcia trusted her with, and Greg is upset with Marcia, while Bobby is angry with Cindy.
Gilligan's Island Water, Water Everywhere (TV-G) When the castaways' water supply begins running low, Gilligan encounters trouble when he is charged with making sure it is fairly distributed among everyone.
Gilligan's Island So Sorry My Island Now (TV-G) The castaways find themselves held captive by a World War II Japanese soldier who suddenly emerges from his submarine and declares ownership of the island.
Gilligan's Island Plant You Now, Dig You Later (TV-G) Gilligan and Mr. Howell go to court in order to determine the rightful owner of what appears to be a treasure chest, with Skipper playing the role of judge.
Gilligan's Island Little Island, Big Gun (TV-G) A bank robber who just completed a major heist infiltrates the island by initially posing as a doctor, but he really has plans to locate some hidden money.
Gunsmoke Miss Kitty (TV-PG) After Kitty becomes the caretaker of boy under mysterious circumstances, she refuses to tell Matt exactly who the boy is or why she is taking care of him.
Bonanza Mr. Henry Comstock (TV-G) Cartwrights relate tale of Henry Comstock's claim to ownership in a major gold strike; Little Joe is in for trouble when he courts Chief Winnemuca's daughter.
The Rifleman The Deadeye Kid (TV-G) A tough boy from Brooklyn joins two men as they travel on their wagon, but serious accusations come about after one of the men is mysteriously killed.
The Rifleman The Indian (TV-G) The townspeople are suspicious of U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart while he searches for a group of renegade Native American suspects since he is also an Indian.
Gunsmoke Harper's Blood (TV-PG) A widowed father tries to raise his sons to be good men, but the two boys encounter trouble that could lead to murder after a local rancher wrongs both of them.
Bonanza The Magnificent Adah (TV-G) When Ben's friend, a famous actress, visits the boys try to convince their father that she is wrong for him, even fighting her abusive ex-husband for him.
The Rifleman The Boarding House (TV-G) Sid Fallon threatens to expose Julia Massini's card-shark past if she does not let him turn her respectable boarding house into a saloon and gambling hall.
The Rifleman The Second Witness (TV-G) Lucas agrees to testify in a murder case even thought the first witness that was supposed to speak before him was killed prior to revealing anything.
Gunsmoke All That (TV-PG) A man leaves Dodge and travels to Colorado to pan for gold so he can use it to reclaim his wife and ranch, which were stolen by another man.
Bonanza The Truckee Strip (TV-G) The Cartwrights feud with their neighbors heats up when Little Joe wants to marry their beautiful daughter and her father's foreman fans the flames.
The Rifleman The Trade (TV-G) An outlaw asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward, so he can use the money to pay for the medical care of an ill young woman with whom he's in love with.
The Rifleman One Went to Denver (TV-G) Lucas welcomes his old friend Tom Birch, who once saved his life, not knowing that he is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.
Gunsmoke Long, Long Trail (TV-PG) After being told the prairie is currently too dangerous to cross, a determined woman decides to follow Matt across the prairie so she can marry her fiancé.
Bonanza The Hanging Posse (TV-G) Adam and Joe join a posse to help a friend catch his wife's killer, but learn that the posse has deadly intentions and find themselves in a dangerous position.
The Rifleman The Deadly Wait (TV-G) The infamous Dan Nowry is released from prison and immediately heads to North Fork for the sole purpose of getting revenge on the man who had him imprisoned.
The Rifleman The Wrong Man (TV-G) Mark is eager to help lawman Jay Jefferson, who travels to North Fork intent on killing an outlaw, whether he is the right man or not.
Gunsmoke The Squaw (TV-PG) One year after losing his wife, a man decides to marry a beautiful, young Native American woman, but bigoted townspeople aren't happy about his new bride.
Bonanza Vendetta (TV-G) The town drunk and a doctor are the only reinforcements when a wounded Ben and Hoss are left on their own to deal with an outlaw gang.
The Rifleman The Challenge (TV-G) Lucas comes to the rescue when a group of escaped prison convicts hold up the general store in North Fork, where they manage to take Marshal Torrance hostage.
The Rifleman The Hawk (TV-G) Mark captures a hawk but finds danger with a rattlesnake, and when a stranger rescues him, Mark invites the man home unaware he is on the run from the law.
Gunsmoke Chesterland (TV-PG) After Chester falls in love with a woman he hardly knows, he tries to impress her by purchasing a desolate, infertile patch of land to start a ranch on.
Bonanza The Sisters (TV-G) Adam begins a relationship with a notorious woman and dismisses his father's concerns, but becomes a suspect when she is killed.
Rawhide Incident of the Challenge (TV-G) A Mexican peasant need help finding a girl, and after Favor learns she may have magical capabilities, he decides to join the peasant in his search.
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The Brady Bunch Click (TV-G) Greg makes it onto the football team but he is afraid to tell Carol, because she objects to the game because it is too violent, and doesn't want him to play.
The Brady Bunch Getting Davy Jones (TV-G) Marcia brags to her friends that she can arrange for singer Davy Jones to perform at the schools upcoming school dance, and she tries to get him.
Gilligan's Island St. Gilligan and the Dragon (TV-G) The female castaways stage a strike and move to the opposite end of the island after the men break their promise of constructing separate living quarters.
Gilligan's Island Big Man on Little Stick (TV-G) The castaways believe they've found a rescuer in a surfer who washed ashore after riding a tsunami wave from Hawaii, but a crush may keep him on the island.
Gilligan's Island Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend (TV-G) Mrs. Howell eyes the rest of the castaways as potential thieves after her beloved diamond pin suddenly goes missing, but a primate is really to blame.
Gilligan's Island How To Be a Hero (TV-G) The castaways stage an elaborate scheme to soothe the wounds of an unconfident Gilligan who feels incompetent when he fails to save Mary Ann from drowning.
Gunsmoke Milly (TV-PG) A 17-year-old girl desperately tries to find a man to marry her so she can finally escape from the clutches of poverty and her abusive father.
Bonanza The Last Hunt (TV-G) A hunting trip takes an unusual turn for Hoss and Little Joe when the Shoshone they catch stealing food from their camp is actually a pregnant chief's daughter.
The Rifleman The Woman (TV-G) A rumor that has no facts to back it up causes North Fork's outspoken feminist schoolteacher to be attacked by a mob of angry townspeople.
The Rifleman The Money Gun (TV-G) When his boss begins to suspect him of embezzlement, bookkeeper Asa Manning hires a professional gunman to get rid of that problem.
Gunsmoke P.S. Murray Christmas (TV-PG) After a handyman rescues seven orphans from their overbearing caretaker, the residents of Dodge City band together to give the children their first Christmas.
Bonanza A Christmas Story (TV-PG) A singer's performance at an orphans' Christmas benefit could be canceled because his uncle demands ten percent of the take; a Scrooge awakening awaits him.
The Rifleman A Matter of Faith (TV-G) The drought forces cowhands to work on a railroad construction project, but executives are afraid these workers will leave if they believe an old man's claim.
The Rifleman Blood Brother (TV-G) Marshal Torrance acts strangely toward the dying man who Lucas gave blood to; three men come to North Fork seeking custody of a man.
Gunsmoke Indian Ford (TV-PG) After a missing white woman is seen with a Native American tribe, Army soldiers are sent to retrieve her peacefully by negotiating a trade with the tribe.
Bonanza El Toro Grande (TV-G) Hoss and Little Joe have a variety of difficulties on the way to Monterey to purchase a prize bull that include a duel for Little Joe and a bear fight for Hoss.
The Rifleman Stranger at Night (TV-G) Lucas, his friends Artemus and Marshal Torrance search for a killer after Mark inadvertently stumbles upon the body of a murder victim.
The Rifleman The Raid (TV-G) Marshal Torrance works with U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart to create a rescue team after rebellious Apaches severely injure Lucas and take Mark hostage.
Gunsmoke Apprentice Doc (TV-PG) Doc agrees to take a would-be bank robber as an apprentice after the young man decides to pursue medicine instead of a life of crime.
Bonanza The Outcast (TV-G) When a woman's father and brother are hanged for murder she insists on marrying the man she loves, a man of questionable character, worrying the Cartwrights.
The Rifleman Outlaw's Inheritance (TV-G) After a train robber dies and leaves his stolen wealth to Lucas, he must clear his name and stop the recklessness of his replacement in the railroad commission.
The Rifleman Boomerang (TV-G) A rancher's son puts the sole blame on a banker for his father's death after the bank foreclosed the mortgage on his land and other properties.
Gunsmoke Nina's Revenge (TV-PG) Hoping to blackmail his father-in-law with the threat of a scandal, a farm owner bribes a temporary worker to claim that his wife has been cheating on him.
Bonanza A House Divided (TV-G) A man creates divisive problems between Adam and Little Joe when he comes to Virginia City to gain support and silver for the Confederate cause.
The Rifleman The Mind Reader (TV-G) After a wealthy rancher is found murdered, Mark suggests that they go to a mind reader for assistance in finding and apprehending the killer.
The Rifleman The Patsy (TV-G) A group of outlaws are not happy with the order Lucas brings to North Fork, so they come up with a plan to get rid of him and take over the town.
Gunsmoke Marry Me (TV-PG) When the eldest of two brothers needs to find a wife to marry, so the family goes about kidnapping Miss Kitty in order to make her his reluctant bride.
Bonanza The Gunmen (TV-G) Hoss and Little Joe become involved in a family feud in Texas, and ultimately find they must turn to the women of the families to stop the fighting.
Rawhide Incident at Dragoon Crossing (TV-G) After seeing the new trail boss make a large profit from his costly fees for crossing the river, Rowdy believes the boss is secretly working with outlaws.
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