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The Andy Griffith Show A Date for Gomer (TV-G) Andy and Barney set Gomer up with Thelma Lou's timid cousin, Mary Grace; Gomer immediately falls for her and runs to the store to get her flowers.
The Andy Griffith Show Up in Barney's Room (TV-G) Barney stays at the courthouse when Mrs. Mendlebright kicks him out of his room for cooking.; Barney is suspicious of his landlady fiancé
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer, the Carrier (TV-G) Sergeant Carter comes down with the German measles and needs to be quarantined, as he utilizes his time away from Gomer as a vacation of sorts.
WKRP in Cincinnati Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide, Part 2 (TV-PG) Johnny's alter-ego is the source of income the station needs, but the staff is beginning to become distanced which causes him to revert to Johnny Fever.
Hogan's Heroes Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan (TV-G) It's Colonel Hogans birthday and the men have an idea to celebrate on Stalag 13 with a surprise by blowing up an ammunition dump.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan Goes Hollywood (TV-G) An American actor has been imprisoned in Stalag 13 and is being forced to appear in a Nazi propaganda film; when Hogan finds out, he puts together a plan.
The Andy Griffith Show Citizen's Arrest (TV-G) Barney resigns when Gomer gives him a citizen's arrest for an illegal U-turn, but he may be needed after all for a robbery at the filling station.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie and His Merry Men (TV-G) The kids have good intentions when Opie leads his gang of Merry Men to steal food from the rich in Mayberry to give to a poor hobo friend.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Caution: Low Overhead (TV-G) Gomer discovers that an expensive watch he bought from a suspicious vendor outside the base is actually cheap, as Sergeant Carter aims to expose him as a fraud.
WKRP in Cincinnati I Am Woman (TV-PG) The staff learns of the plans to tear down their building; upon meeting and researching, Bailey heads up a campaign to save the building.
Hogan's Heroes The Well (TV-G) Newkirk hides a stolen German code book in a dry well, after the book had been stolen by Hogan; Hogan and his men must find a way to get the book back.
Hogan's Heroes The Klink Commandos (TV-G) Klink and Hogans men take a German train to the Russian front together for a dangerous mission in which they must steal some highly important documents.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney and the Cave Rescue (TV-G) When Andy and Helen get trapped in a cave during the town picnic, Barney risks being the laughing stock of the town when he organizes a rescue crew.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy and Opie's Pal (TV-G) The jealous Opie learns a big life lesson when Andy teaches him the importance of sharing time with his friends and family.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Show Me the Way to Go Home (TV-G) Gomer becomes the object of one woman's anger when she accuses Gomer of getting her husband drunk and turning him into an alcoholic.
WKRP in Cincinnati Secrets of Dayton Heights (TV-PG) Les wants to cover a Presidential conference but is denied the credentials by the Secret Service because his father was associated with the Communist party.
Hogan's Heroes The Gasoline War (TV-G) A gasoline station has just been added onto the campgrounds at Stalag 13, which Hogan and his men plan to blow up.
Hogan's Heroes Unfair Exchange (TV-G) Hogan uses General Burkhalter's sister as a pawn to distract the Gestapo at Stalag 13 to save the life of a captured Allied spy; they offer a trade.
The Andy Griffith Show Aunt Bee the Crusader (TV-G) Aunt Bee and the women of Mayberry crusade for more than they bargain for when they defend a farmer who is losing his farm for a new highway.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney's Sidecar (TV-G) Barney turns Mayberry upside down with his valiant attempt at slowing down the speeders on Highway 6 using his new motorcycle and sidecar.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. How to Succeed in Farming Without Really Trying (TV-G) Gomer is spending all his free time to build a garden on the base, so Carter tries to teach him a lesson by placing vodka in a prize watermelon.
WKRP in Cincinnati Out to Lunch (TV-PG) Herb's three-martini lunches have become more frequent and are causing trouble at the station, where the staff believes he has a drinking problem.
Hogan's Heroes The Kommandant Dies at Dawn (TV-G) Klink is in danger of being executed when the Gestapo finds him with information which Hogan planted on him to deliver to the underground.
Hogan's Heroes Bombsight (TV-G) Hogan and his men plan to obtain the Germans blueprints for a new bomb sight and thus interfere with the testing of a new German weapon.
13 Ghosts (TV-PG, NR, *) A family of four inherits a picturesque house only to discover the home has a ghastly secret, and they locate a special pair of goggles.
Lost in Space The Deadly Games of Gamma 6 (TV-G) Dr. Smith is promised that he will be returned home to Earth if he can win a boxing match, but the results of the fight end up placing the Earth in danger.
Columbo Likes the Nightlife (TV-PG, NR, ***) An L.A. rave promoter gets into trouble when he abets his girlfriend in discarding the body of her ex-husband; things worsen when a blackmailer emerges.
Touched by an Angel Into the Fire (TV-G) A charismatic cult leader plans to have his faithful followers commit suicide, and Monica has to convince the people that he has been lying to them.
The Andy Griffith Show My Fair Ernest T. Bass (TV-G) Andy surprises everyone, including himself, with his successful attempt to turn Ernest T. Bass into a presentable gentleman for Mrs. Wiley's weekly reception.
The Andy Griffith Show Prisoner of Love (TV-G) Andy and Barney are both hit on by an attractive and bold female prisoner who is locked behind bars in the Mayberry town jail.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer and the Little Men from Outer Space (TV-G) A science fiction movie is being filmed near the base, but when Gomer only notices aliens getting out of their spaceship, he reports it to Sergeant Carter.
WKRP in Cincinnati A Simple Little Wedding (TV-PG) For their twenty-fifth anniversary, Arthur and Carmen want a small wedding since they eloped the first time around, but Mother Carlson tries to get involved.
Hogan's Heroes The Big Picture (TV-G) Colonel Klink is being blackmailed, by the Gestapo, with an incriminating photograph than can destroy his career; Hogan and his men plan to help retrieve it.
Hogan's Heroes The Big Gamble (TV-G) Hogan receives orders to obtain a secret box from an airplane that was shot down and had landed somewhere outside of Stalag 13 before the Germans could get it.
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The Andy Griffith Show Hot Rod Otis (TV-G) A worried sheriff, and Barney keep Otis on full-time surveillance when Otis purchases a new car and puts the whole town in great danger.
The Andy Griffith Show The Song Festers (TV-G) Barney has been looking forward to singing in an upcoming concert, but Gomer's voice is better for the solo; Gomer fakes laryngitis for Barney's sake.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Borrowed Car (TV-G) Sergeant Carter lets Gomer borrow his car, as thieves end up stealing it, but when Gomer finds the car after it has been reported missing, the cops arrest him.
WKRP in Cincinnati Nothing to Fear but... (TV-PG) The station is robbed while Johnny is covering the night shift for Moss Steiger, causing the staff to take extra precautions out of paranoia.
Hogan's Heroes The Defector (TV-G) Hochstetter traces a defecting Field Marshall to Stalag 13 and Hogan and his men must find him and take him to England before the Germans get him.
Hogan's Heroes The Empty Parachute (TV-G) Hogan plants an empty parachute somewhere within the camp, which sends every German in the camp into a wild goose chase for a supposed Allied spy.
The Andy Griffith Show The Haunted House (TV-G) Opie and Arnold hit a baseball straight into the window of an old house, but they are scared off by strange noises when they enter the house to retreive it.
The Andy Griffith Show The Shoplifters (TV-G) Barney devises a plan to catch the shoplifter at Weaver's Department Store by disguising himself as a mannequin, unaware that Mr. Weaver is also investigation.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Pyle, Super Chef (TV-G) Sergeant Hacker claims that he can turn Gomer into a cook, so Sergeant Carter makes a bet that he can't teach Gomer to cook a meal within 24 hours.
WKRP in Cincinnati Till Debt do us Part (TV-PG) Johnny hears from his ex-wife that she is re-marrying and he no longer has to pay alimony, so to celebrate he asks Bailey to go on a trip with him.
Hogan's Heroes The Antique (TV-G) Hogan manages to convince Colonel Klink to start a business in which he deals in allegedly rare cuckoo clocks that he buys locally.
Hogan's Heroes Is There a Traitor in the House? (TV-G) Hogan convinces Newkirk to go undercover as a traitor in order to send out information to London through a propaganda radio broadcast.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy's Vacation (TV-G) Andy goes on a camping trip in the woods to get away from his duties as sheriff, but trouble finds him when an escaped prisoner discovers his campfire.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy Saves Gomer (TV-G) Gomer feels overwhelmingly guilty after snuffing out a small fire in a can full of oil rags while napping in the garage and offers to be Andy's slave
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Marry Me, Marry Me (TV-G) Gomer goes on a date with a girl and discovers that they share a lot in common, as she swindles him into thinking that they have become engaged.
WKRP in Cincinnati Clean up Radio Everywhere (TV-PG) Mr. Carlson is approached by the head of a group who wants to take "obscene" songs off the air, but multiple visits and lists could have consequences.
Hogan's Heroes At Last - Schultz Knows Something (TV-G) Hogan must convince Sergeant Schultz to tell him where the Germans are hiding a secret atomic installation is located after Schultz is assigned to guard it.
Hogan's Heroes How's the Weather? (TV-G) The prisoners decide to throw an anniversary party for Colonel Klink, but it's all a cover for Hogan and his men to use balloons to obtain some weather info.
The Andy Griffith Show Bargain Day (TV-G) A new butcher shop called Diamond Jim's has opened and Aunt Bee is on a mission to find the perfect bargain beef.; Aunt Bee gets more than she bargained for.
The Andy Griffith Show Divorce, Mountain Style (TV-G) When Andy gets involved with the Darlings, who are returning to arrange a mountain divorce for their daughter Charlene, he gets tagged as the next husband.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Cold Nose, Warm Heart (TV-G) Sergeant Carter gives Bunny a new puppy, as she soon falls in love with the cute canine, but Carter must now compete with the dog for affection.
WKRP in Cincinnati The Union (TV-PG) Mr. Carlson plans a celebration and a raise to reward the staff¸ but he cancels the event when he learns that his employees are considering joining a union.
Hogan's Heroes Get Fit or Go Fight (TV-G) Hogan must convince Klink that he is out of shape and needs to take care of that problem, as it is reason enough for Burkhalter to send him to Russia.
Hogan's Heroes Fat Hermann, Go Home (TV-G) Marya the White Russian uses Sergeant Schultz as her pawn to impersonate Reich Marshall Goering just as Colonel Hogan is trying to save stolen paintings.
Gargoyles (TV-PG, NR, **+) An archeologist and his daughter are travelling through the Southwest in order to examine an unearthed skeleton but are assaulted by winged creatures.
Lost in Space The Thief from Outer Space (TV-G) Penny, Dr. Smith and Will are kidnapped by a thief who mistakenly believes that they know the location of the lost princess he's in love with.
Columbo Goes to the Guillotine (TV-PG, NR, ***) A renowned psychic uses trickery to try and land a government contract by conspiring with a magician he later betrays and kills using a guillotine.
Touched by an Angel Made in the USA (TV-G) A bitter and resentful Vietnam veteran comes to grips with his painful past, and asks for forgiveness from the people he has mistreated.
The Andy Griffith Show A Deal Is a Deal (TV-G) After Opie and his friends are suckered into selling useless salve in order to win a pony, one of the boys gives up and sends the salve back.
The Andy Griffith Show Fun Girls (TV-G) Helen and Thelma Lou get the wrong idea wen hAndy and Barney get saddled with the "fun girls" during a late night at work doing inventory.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Follow That Car (TV-G) A smuggler leaves the base with a radio, so when Gomer and Sergeant Carter go to find his vehicle, they end up getting captured by the smuggler.
WKRP in Cincinnati An Explosive Affair, Part 1 (TV-PG) The station is evacuated and searched after a terrorist group calls in a bomb threat; WKRP's former receptionist visits and makes an offer to Arthur.
Hogan's Heroes The Softer They Fall (TV-G) Kinchloe takes part in a boxing match taking place in the camp, in hopes that it will divert attention from the prisoners planned Heist.
Hogan's Heroes Gowns by Yvette (TV-G) General Burkhalter's niece is getting married and LeBeau is assigned to design her wedding dress for the big day; the gown is used to smuggle a defector.
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