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Programs for KWWL-DT3 on Friday, September 21, 2018
12:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Servant Problem (TV-PG) A writer hosts an important party, so when his estranged wife shows up, he devises a plan to murder her, but his scheme turns into a complete disaster.
12:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Coming Home (TV-PG) After serving a 20-year prison sentence for armed robbery, a former criminal is released from prison and robbed by a young girl outside a bar.
1:00 AM
Mannix Missing: Sun and Sky (TV-PG) A horse favored to win the Kentucky Derby, and possibly the Triple Crown, is kidnapped while its journey to Kentucky in anticipation for the race.
2:00 AM
Cannon The Sounds of Silence (TV-PG) A young woman's fiance goes missing just before their wedding, and his business partners are refusing to say anything about his location.
3:00 AM
77 Sunset Strip Out of the Past (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
4:00 AM
Peter Gunn The Family Affair (TV-PG) When an unknown person makes several attempts to kill off an ailing rich man, Gunn believes the incidences could be blamed on the man's only relative.
4:30 AM
Night Gallery The Diary (TV-PG) A cruel gossip columnist discovers that the diary she received as a gift appears to foretell the next day's events before they occur.
5:00 AM
The Facts of Life The Reunion (TV-PG) To make an old girlfriend jealous, George devises a scheme for his high school reunion to have Jo act as his bride-to-be, a wealthy Duchess.
5:30 AM
Diff'rent Strokes The Accident, Part 2 (TV-PG) When Drummond regains consciousness, he is suffering from amnesia, and the circumstances put his business and custody of the children in jeopardy.
6:00 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies The Diner (TV-G) Jethro decides to open his own restaurant, but Mr. Drysdale buys him a cheap, run-down building, and he is disappointed by the poor turn-out.
6:30 AM
My Three Sons The Sunday Drive (TV-G) Mr. Pearson hopes for a quiet drive in the country with his family, but his plan is ruined when the Douglases accompany them on their trip.
7:00 AM
Leave It to Beaver Wally's License (TV-G) Wally tries to convince his parents that he's ready to take the driving test so he can get his license, but they're not too sure.
7:30 AM
Leave It to Beaver The Late Edition (TV-G) Beaver is upset to learn that another child won the job of paperboy in his neighborhood, but he soon learns that the paperboy is actually a girl.
8:00 AM
Perry Mason The Case of the Wintry Wife (TV-PG) When an inventor approaches his wife for a divorce to be with another woman, she tries to ruin his invention, but after her plans are thwarted, she is killed.
9:00 AM
Matlock The Thoroughbred (TV-PG) The father of the murdered manager of a thoroughbred farm asks Matlock to defend the mentally challenged man charged with the crime.
10:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder Down Among the Dead Men (TV-PG) Mark and Amanda pressure Steve and Jesse to host a musical benefit at BBQ Bob's when a robbery takes place at the jewelry store across the street.
11:00 AM
In the Heat of the Night Gunshots (TV-PG) Detective Tibbs agonizes over his accidental shooting of an innocent teenager while confronting an armed suspect during a botched bank robbery.
12:00 PM
Gunsmoke Gun for Chester (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.
12:30 PM
Gunsmoke Extradition, Part 1 (TV-PG) Five years after one of Matt's friends was killed by robber, Matt receives information that the murderous fugitive is currently living near the border in Texas.
1:00 PM
Bonanza The Power of Life and Death (TV-G) Splitting off from the posse, Ben and Joe track a man who shot an army colonel into the desert, where they capture him, but an Indian attack threatens survival.
2:00 PM
The Rifleman The Raid (TV-G) Marshal Torrance works with U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart to create a rescue team after rebellious Apaches severely injure Lucas and take Mark hostage.
2:30 PM
The Rifleman Outlaw's Inheritance (TV-G) After a train robber dies and leaves his stolen wealth to Lucas, he must clear his name and stop the recklessness of his replacement in the railroad commission.
3:00 PM
Wagon Train The Monty Britton Story (TV-G) When Flint fails to return from a scouting mission, Major Adams follows his tracks to a poisoned water hole, where he is barely alive.
4:00 PM
Charlie's Angels Cruising Angels (TV-PG) Bosley and the Angels discover that Charlie's yacht has been stolen, but before they can investigate, it is returned; gold and blood are found onboard.
5:00 PM
Mama's Family More Power to You (TV-PG) Mama disputes her electric bill and refuses to pay it, leaving the family in the dark while Bubba has an assignment due and Naomi is nominated for an award.
5:30 PM
The Jeffersons Where's Papa? (TV-G) George concludes that he needs to move where his father is buried when he finds his old will and it clearly states where he wants to be laid to rest.
6:00 PM
M*A*S*H Hot Lips and Empty Arms (TV-PG) Margaret isn't happy where she is and decides to leave Frank by asking for a transfer, but it is short-lived when she realizes the loyalty of her friends.
6:30 PM
M*A*S*H Officers Only (TV-PG) Hawkeye and Trapper are assigned to operate on General Mitchell's son, and after a successful surgery on him, the general grants them three days in Tokyo.
7:00 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Three's a Crowd (TV-G) Andy's attempts to be alone with Mary Simpson are thwarted by Barney's presence and Barney tells everyone that Mary Simpson and Andy are getting married.
7:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show The Bookie Barber (TV-G) A barber from Raleigh gives Floyd the chance to be the proprietor of a two-chair shop, but it turns out that he is actually a bookie trying to avoid the heat.
8:00 PM
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. A Visit from Cousin Goober (TV-G) Cousin Goober comes to the camp barracks to visit Gomer for a week, but soon a colonel mistakes Goober as Gomer in uniform.
8:30 PM
WKRP in Cincinnati The Americanization of Ivan (TV-PG) When a group of Russian hog experts comes to Cincinnati for a press conference, one of the Russians asks Bailey to help him defect to the United States.
9:00 PM
Hogan's Heroes A Russian Is Coming (TV-G) An unfriendly Russian pilot wants to escape from Stalag 13 but he refuses to go to London first; he wishes to go back to his home country.
9:30 PM
Hogan's Heroes An Evening of Generals (TV-G) Hogan and his men pose as waiters as an effort to get rid of a room full of enemy German Generals.
10:00 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Richard Crenna and Ruth Buzzi (TV-G) Carol considers cheating on her model husband with one of his co-workers; Carol seeks divorce from her husband when they are about to catch a suspect.
10:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Lonely Heiress (TV-PG) A woman uses her charm and good looks to seduce a con artist who deceived, swindled and drove her sister to suicide.
11:30 PM
The Twilight Zone One for the Angels (TV-PG) A sidewalk salesman convinces Death to let him live until he can give his biggest sales pitch, so Death decides to take the life of a little girl in his place.
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