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Programs for KWWL-DT3 on Wednesday, January 16, 2019
12:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Dry Run (TV-PG) An amateur criminal desperately wants to impress his dangerous crime boss, so he agrees to murder a prominent gangster, but the task becomes too difficult.
12:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Blessington Method (TV-PG) A middle-aged man being forced to take care of his demanding mother-in-law discovers that she will live for much longer because of technology.
1:00 AM
Mannix To Quote a Dead Man (TV-PG) A homeless man comes to see Mannix, explaining that somebody has tried to kill him and wants Mannix to find out who is doing it and why.
2:00 AM
Cannon A Killing in the Family (TV-PG) Cannon is hired by an insurance company representative to investigate an auto accident in which passengers were killed; Cannon finds some things suspicious.
3:00 AM
77 Sunset Strip Mr. Bailey's Honeymoon (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
4:00 AM
Peter Gunn The Missing Night Watchman (TV-PG) After rare jewelry is stolen from an antiques store, the shop's owner hires Gunn to retrieve the stolen goods before their owner learns they've disappeared.
4:30 AM
Night Gallery The Other Way Out (TV-PG) An old man suspects an executive of murdering his granddaughter, so he invites him to his farmhouse for dinner.
5:00 AM
The Facts of Life Teenage Marriage, Part 2 (TV-PG) Mrs. Garrett and the girls postpone Jo's marriage until her mother can be contacted; meanwhile, Jo is unsure if she wants to get married.
5:30 AM
Diff'rent Strokes The Hitchhikers, Part 1 (TV-PG) When Kimberly and Arnold are caught without enough cash to get home from a shopping trip they choose to hitchhike instead of calling home for help.
6:00 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts and the Dodgers (TV-G) While playing golf with Los Angeles Dodgers manager Leo Durocher, Jethro impresses him by hitting a golf ball out of a tree with a baseball.
6:30 AM
My Three Sons How Do You Know? (TV-G) Steve offers his oldest son Mike some unsolicited advice on love, and then he turns around and asks him for some help finding a date.
7:00 AM
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Accordion (TV-G) Beaver steals an advertisement for an accordion out of the trash and orders it, but he soon has to figure out how to pay for it and hide it from his parents.
7:30 AM
Leave It to Beaver Uncle Billy (TV-G) Uncle Billy comes for a visit and Wally and Beaver soon become great fans of his when they hear his fantastical stories, but Billy makes empty promises.
8:00 AM
Perry Mason The Case of the Accosted Accountant (TV-PG) A man is the primary suspect who is accused of murdering his father-in-law due to everyone being aware of their hostile relationship.
9:00 AM
Matlock The Fortune, Part 1 (TV-PG) An eccentric millionaire is found murdered after he expresses concerns in some of his investments and his distraught nephew is the prime suspect.
10:00 AM
Diagnosis Murder Standing Eight Count (TV-PG) Shortly following a match, a boxing champion is found murdered, leaving Jack and Amanda to investigate the facts surrounding the death.
11:00 AM
In the Heat of the Night Brother's Keeper (TV-PG) Officer Corbin is less-than-enthusiastic to learn that her troublemaking brother has been released from jail on parole and is headed their way.
12:00 PM
Gunsmoke The Dealer (TV-PG) After a young bachelor tries to woo an attractive young woman, he is forced to kill her father in self-defense during a heated gambling argument.
1:00 PM
Bonanza The Mission (TV-G) A former scout turned town drunk is recommended by Hoss for an important mission leading an Army wagon train carrying gold across the desert, evading thieves.
2:00 PM
The Rifleman The Fourflusher (TV-G) Because a sharecropper needs much more money than he has to buy his farm from its owner, he signs up his colt in a horse race with hopes to win.
2:30 PM
The Rifleman The Jailbird (TV-G) When a robbery and murder take place in the town, the ex-con who Lucas hired as a ranch hand becomes the number one suspect to everybody.
3:00 PM
Wagon Train The Jed Polke Story (TV-G) The wagon train's doctor refuses to treat a woman and her son after learning the woman's husband served at the Andersonville prison camp.
4:00 PM
Charlie's Angels Angels in Springtime (TV-PG) The Angels are hired to locate a manuscript that has been lost and to catch a killer who electrocuted an actress at a spa for women.
5:00 PM
Mama's Family Buck Private Bubba (TV-PG) Following a breakup with his girlfriend, a depressed Bubba is easily convinced to enlist in the Army by a former Army Sergeant of Vint's.
5:30 PM
The Jeffersons Real Men Don't Dry Clean (TV-G) George and Tom become jealous of Louise, Helen and Florence's fascination with their self defense instructor and go on a disastrous hunting trip.
6:00 PM
M*A*S*H Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead (TV-PG) Klinger develops a high fever and somehow winds up communicating with a dead soldier who remains at the 4077 for his own last rites.
6:30 PM
M*A*S*H The Birthday Girls (TV-PG) Margaret's birthday plans are spoiled when she and Klinger suddenly get stranded; Hawkeye and B.J. assist in the delivery of a calf.
7:00 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Andy's Rich Girlfriend (TV-G) Andy's new relationship is tested because of his insecurities after realizing he is dating out of his league with the wealthy Peggy McMillan.
7:30 PM
The Andy Griffith Show Andy and the New Mayor (TV-G) Mayberry's new Mayor, Mayor Stoner, and Andy don't see eye to eye when it comes to proper management of the sheriff's department.
8:00 PM
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Return of Monroe (TV-G) Gomer becomes jealous when Lou-Anns ex-boyfriend Monroe returns to the base to tell him that he and Lou-Ann are engaged to be married.
8:30 PM
WKRP in Cincinnati Patter of Little Feet (TV-PG) Arthur's wife Carmen announces that she is pregnant again; Mother Carlson has mixed feelings, mentioning the dangers of getting pregnant later in life.
9:00 PM
Hogan's Heroes One in Every Crowd (TV-G) An American prisoner of war comes in Stalag 13 has valuable information about Hogan and his men, and he plans to offer this information to the Germans.
9:30 PM
Hogan's Heroes Is General Hammerschlag Burning? (TV-G) Hogan and his men take Kinchloe, an entertainer, to Paris so he may visit a friend of his, a General; this friend may have a plan that could help Paris.
10:00 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Rock Hudson (TV-G) In a vaudeville sketch, Rock Hudson leaves Carol behind so he may pursue a career in New York that will lead to fame and fortune.
10:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Provocative Protege (TV-PG) When a finished pianist is violently murdered for insurance money, the authorities hold his attractive protégé as a suspect in the crime.
11:30 PM
The Twilight Zone The Hunt (TV-PG) A man ignores warnings from his wife and goes coon hunting with his dog, but when they return, he is dismayed to discover that no one can see or hear him.
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