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Programs for KWWL-DT5 on Tuesday, January 28, 2020
12:00 AM
The Investigators Lone Fugitive (TV-14) A man survives for nearly a year in the deserts of California and Nevada by stealing vehicles and robbing remote homes to acquire food and weapons.
1:00 AM
Intervention Trent (HD, TV-14) Family and friends try to help a chef who once cooked for U.S. presidents and Hollywood stars but has now become a homeless man with a ravenous drug addiction.
2:00 AM
Cold Case Files Cat and Mouse; Final Fare (TV-14) In 1980, a woman, Alma Nappier, mysteriously disappears off a lonely highway in Riverside, CA. Her case is written off as a simple accident.
3:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Seeds of Destruction (HD, TV-14) Plants may contain clues to help to reveal information about the details of a murder, such as the time the incident occurred, as well as the place.
4:00 AM
Missing Persons Taken; Scorcher Two detectives are led on a widespread hunt as they attempt to locate a 14-year-old girl; a detective searches for a missing 66-year-old man.
5:00 AM
City Confidential Santa Monica: A Woman Scorned (TV-PG) When an illicit romance between two police officers takes a violent turn, evidence arises that suggests that sexual activity took priority over job duties.
6:00 AM
Bizarre Murders Mistaken Identity (Repeat) Specific details are shared about a man who hired a hitman to kill his wife and who inadvertently caused a different woman to die.
6:30 AM
Bizarre Murders Shape Shifter (Repeat) Information is shared about a German citizen who moved to America and then used several different identities to commit murderous acts.
7:00 AM
Cold Case Files The Cuff Link; Graveyard Shift (TV-14) Police use tool marks found on a plastic flex cuff to identify a killer; an angry wife implicates her husband in a 15-year-old unsolved murder case.
8:00 AM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Truth of the Matter (HD, TV-PG) Dr. G examines the body of a woman who died of a serious gunshot wound while she and her estranged husband were on a hunting excursion.
9:00 AM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Paths of Destruction (HD, TV-PG) A Vietnam vet survives a suicide attempt only to die inexplicably three weeks later while in the hospital and Dr. G must determine what the cause of death is.
10:00 AM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Needle in the Haystack (HD, TV-PG) Dr. G must determine if a man with chronic pain committed suicide and sees a first in her career while investigating the death of a mentally disabled man.
11:00 AM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner A Lingering Question (HD, TV-PG) A wife shoots her abusive husband and claims that it was self-defense; a diabetic woman is found dead in the trailer of a known criminal.
12:00 PM
Crime 360 Blunt Force Killer (HD, TV-14) After two men are found beaten to death in their bedrooms, detectives discover that the victims had recently been harassed for being homosexual.
1:00 PM
Crime 360 Overkill (HD, TV-14) Investigators Cathy Lucci and Dave Salvatore attempt to discover who stabbed a 49-year-old man to death and covered him with a blanket.
2:00 PM
Crime 360 The Shooting Party (HD, TV-14) Two brothers are found dead at an apartment complex, and detectives discover that one of the victims had been receiving threats from his ex-girlfriend.
3:00 PM
Bloodwork Swindle in Suburbia (HD, TV-14) A document forensic expert is called in to investigate when homeowners in a Pennsylvania development suddenly have their mortgage rates dramatically increased.
4:00 PM
Bloodwork Maggots Tell Tales (HD, TV-14) When a mass of maggots is found in a neighborhood and a decomposing body is found 12 miles away days later, a forensic entomologist is called in to investigate.
5:00 PM
Masterminds The Knightsbridge Heist (TV-14) A criminal mastermind and his associate manage to get away with $90 million in stolen goods when they rob a safe deposit center in London.
5:30 PM
Masterminds Bad Medicine (TV-14) A story is related about a man who pretended to be a doctor, even though he had never attended medical school, while treating unsuspecting patients at a clinic.
6:00 PM
Masterminds Double Crossed (TV-14) A blonde woman takes on different aliases and stunned the town of Colorado Springs as a glamorous supermodel; investigators uncover a shocking secret.
6:30 PM
Masterminds The James Bond Gang (TV-14) Experts take a look back on a case involving a gang of tech-savvy criminals in New York who used customized getaway vehicles to perform heists.
7:00 PM
72 Hours: True Crime Head in a Bucket A woman claims that she saw a man's head in a bucket while riding inside a car, but the woman retracts her claim after the police begin to investigate.
7:30 PM
72 Hours: True Crime Murder on Campus A detailed examination is held into the murder of a highly renowned anthropology professor who was killed during the winter holidays.
8:00 PM
72 Hours: True Crime The Great Despisers Details are shared about a young man who came home one night to a gruesome scene after his father, mother and sister were violently murdered.
8:30 PM
72 Hours: True Crime Vanished Details are shared about how the police investigated a teacher's disappearance and took special interest in a neighbor who worked at a landfill.
9:00 PM
Cold Case Files The Good Samaritan; Gun Shy (TV-14) The DNA databank and new DNA technologies help detectives catch a killer 11 years later; a painstaking recreation proves a woman's death was no accident.
10:00 PM
Cold Case Files A Map to Murder; Life on the Run (TV-14) Policemen use the Internet to pursue an elusive serial killer; a fugitive drug trafficker opens up a mountain bike shop.
11:00 PM
Dog the Bounty Hunter Justin's Big Day (HD, TV-PG) 21-year-old Justin does tasks the other members don't want to do, but after expressing his desire to be a full-fledge hunter, Dog lets him take the lead.
11:30 PM
Dog the Bounty Hunter It's Good to be Home (HD, TV-PG) While visiting his home town of Denver, Colorado, Dog gets a tip from a radio call-in show which leads him to a fugitive at a local Taco Bell.
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