Programming Search

Two search functions allow you to locate a desired program or actor.

  • Basic Search - Returns every matching program in all schedules within the next week.
  • Advanced Search - Refines the search to return a more narrowly-focused set of results.

  • Basic Search

    A Basic search looks through all schedules in the upcoming week and returns every program containing the title or actor in your query.

    To perform a Basic search, enter the desired text into the Search field and click the magnifying glass icon. The Guide will redraw to display the Results page.

    Each program matching the query is listed with its title, description, air date and time, and the station carrying it. Click on a title to view that program's details and when it airs again.

    If more than 10 matches are found, click the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the list to move through the results.

    A message is displayed if no program matches your query, Enter another query to perform another Basic search, click the More Search Options link to create an Advanced search, or return to the Guide by clicking on the TV Listings link.

    Advanced Search

    The Advanced search allows you to create a custom query. Its controls can limit the search to a specific channel, search a different timeframe, search program titles only, choose text to exclude from the search and more by using the powerful Operands that are supported by the Guide's search engine.

    To perform an Advanced search, click on the More Search Options link. The page will redraw to display the Advanced Search template. Each field and control is labeled to describe its function.

    Enter each element for the desired query into the appropriate field then click the Search button to view the results.

    As each element of the query is entered, it is displayed in a box at the top of the page. After performing a number of Advanced searches and becoming familiar with how a custom query is constructed, you may choose to perform searches using the desired operands by manually entering the query directly into the Search field on the Guide.

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